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66 Essential Sports Betting Twitter Follows, Accounts

If this record of the top sports gambling Twitter accounts were 100-plus, who the heck would examine it? So it is a 66 that is random.
This rundown — in no specific order — represents a mixture of sports bettors, sportsbook supervisors, radio men and sources of data and analytics to inform your own wagers. Some accounts will offer injury news, regulatory and legal observations, or some laughs. These people #sticktosports.
We anticipate responses that we’re morons for adding or omitting certain people. Reach us up @sports_handle with comments and we invite you to go here in order to follow the list — which gets update/curated regularly. If you pick up a few handles you like, mission accomplished. This piece/list is a continuous work in progress and is updated intermittently to add (or subtract) people. (To be sure: click on each individual’s name to get their manage.)
Best Sports Betting Twitter accounts for sports wagering fans The following list includes oddsmakers, bettors, business experts, sports betting information sources, reside movement reporters and more.
Ken Pomeroy — NCAA Basketball Analyst. Pomeroy is the founder of a popular school basketball site and statistical database, kenpom.com. In case you complete your mounts without visiting, you did it wrong.
Todd Fuhrman — A former oddsmaker in Caesars and co-founder of the”Bet the Board” podcast (NFL, CFB, hoops and golfing ). He also contributes”The Line” on SI.com and brings a unique oddsmaker’s view.
Haralabos Voulgaris — Famous because of his gambling art on the NBA,”Bob” is sharp and opinionated as it comes on pro hoops (profiled here by ESPN). Additionally, recently seen calling the NBA and MLB in their”ethics tax” crap.
David Purdum — As dialed-in to the sports gaming world. Purdum writes about gambling for ESPN Chalk, offers long-form stories concerning the gambling world and valuable Vegas insights. Also a nice guy.
Jeff Sherman — The Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook manager is much more than just golf odds. He places game and updated futures odds since the publication releases them and shares worthwhile stories and scenes (and lots and lots of Golden Knights material) directly in the heart of Vegas.
Jimmy Vaccaro — Vaccaro has been handling Las Vegas sportsbooks since (roughly) your father was flying around attempting to satisfy your mother. That is 1976. Currently the Manager of Sports Book Marketing at South Point Hotel, the Pittsburgh native is going to keep you current on South Point action but more broadly, he is basically an ambassador for the sports gambling industry. Plus if you follow him Twitter you eventually become one of the”children”
VegasPointBlank — Veteran sports bettor Dave Malinsky eyes that the betting boards out of”point blank selection.” He offers quick data and statistics upgrades covering wide range of professional and collegiate sports. (May Dave rest in peace.)
Warren Sharp — Sharp is an NFL expert who has crafted his own predictive NFL analytics and visualized data. Plenty of specific info. If you’re not familiar, you’ve probably seen or heard his job before at ESPN, FOX Sports, VSiN, WSJ and many others.
Roxy Roxborough — He does not tweet much but when he does it’s worth listening. He is a significant gaming and Las Vegas innovator, creator of Las Vegas Sports Consultants, and considered among the gambling sector’s most influential characters.

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