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Are NFL Teams That Start 0-2 Screwed?


If your group is currently 2-0, do you pencil them in to the NFL playoffs? Does an 0-2 start doom your team with 14 games remaining rebound? Do two matches really make that much of a difference??? The odds say and so does our OddsShark NFL Database.
Since 2007, 98??teams have started 0-2. Just 12??(12.2??percent) of these flipped it about to make the playoffs and also one of those (that the 2008??Chargers) made it using an 8-8 record. The Texans and Seahawks this past year,??the Saints at 2017, the Dolphins at 2016, both the Texans and Seahawks at 2015, the??Colts from 2014, the 2013??Panthers, the??Dolphins, Chargers and Vikings in 2008,??along with the 2007??Giants will be the sole others??– also, of course, the Giants team won the Super Bowl that season.
Starting 2-0 doesn’t guarantee your team a place in the movie, and this trend was cooling off lately. Still, in those 98??instances where teams began 2-0, 54??(55.1% ) made it to the postseason while 44??dropped. Therefore they hardly collapsed after a 2-0 start and among the hard-luck groups to miss the playoffs, even the 2008 Patriots failed with an 11-5 record.
Here’s a look at the teams that started either 0-2 or 2-0 as 2007:

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