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Bleeding after intercourse – marina cook talk me down please

Bleeding after intercourse – marina cook talk me down please

I’m in a situation. I have serious anxiety therefore PLEASE stories that are positive and do not flame me personally.

This has been happening a little while – spotting that took place a time or two after sexual intercourse.

A marina is had by me coil therefore do not (or didnt) have actually durations. also before that my periods had been erratic.

It has been taking place for some time now i am frightened i have left it too much time.

It took a bit to place two in addition to 2 together. The spotting happens to be going on at least 2 yrs and I also appear to remember this taking place past to my smear that is previous which clear. That has been in 2015.

Went to Dr today in which he has called me personally for ultrasound and genital swabs.

I became beginning to believe this is durations since it started initially to take place with month-to-month periods. We have already been getting outward indications of durations therefore breasts that are soreactually sore!) And experiencing horny in the week ahead of the spotting takes place. Recently it has been accompanied by a”period” although bleeding not heavy it was just when I wiped week. I might state that this did not take place until 2 days after sex (frequently the situation) therefore was it connected. Stopped yesterday that is bleeding think. Had intercourse today after which there clearly was blood that is fresh once I wiped.

I have stuck my mind when you look at the sand for such a long time through fear and today i am terrified that such a thing We have defintely won’t be curable.

Dr was not my gp but had been therefore lovely and patient when I could hardly talk. He said he suspects oahu is the marena coil but desires us to have the tests anyhow – i do believe he had been being sort. We asked if I happened to be in some trouble in which he said no but well he most likely desired the blubbering wreck away from their workplace.

Uncertain exactly exactly exactly how i will make it through the waiting. We assume the u/s is supposed to be within 2 rule but didn’t ask week.

The coil as well as other contraceptives could make the cervix more friable and that may cause spotting after intercourse. We spot after having a smear too ( the mirena is had by me also)

Thankyou therefore pixie that is much ideally it really is something such as this. That is reassuring. I do not discover how long this has been in We suspect at the least 5 years. I am aware they are left by them up to seven years. There clearly was certainly a cyclic nature to the and I also have duration signs but i have to have it examined. Offer me personally some walls to climb up

Is your own partner well endowed?

The explanation i ask it is it was with a partner that was well endowed and it meant he was touching my cervix in some positions and thats what was causing it that i have had this and i found.

no baker that def is not our issue! Poor dp also we’ve been together 25 years although i actually do wonder if things have err dropped a bit down here very well. um

We have some spotting after intercourse and as you, do not have durations as a result of the Mirena. I am told it is cervical erosion and have experienced smears recently which reveal nothing untoward. Cervical erosion is quite typical – it is simply some cells that are excess develop not in the cervix and that can bleed. Therefore absolutely nothing to worry about i mightn’t state from your own post but clearly have it seen to if you’re worried!

Sorry, i did not mean ‘get it seen to’ I suggested aim for the tests! Used to do read your OP

We utilized be effective in females’s Health.Some ladies do get durations with Mirena coil, or recognizing across the right time a period of time will be due. Any coil is likely to make the cervix more ‘friable’, and post coital or post smear bleeding can happen because of this. The possibility are likely that this spotting is due to either or both of the.However that is above your GP is completely correct to want guideline out illness or other cause.I’m sure it is easy said than done, but do not consider a even even worse instance situation, as soon as the odds are almost certainly it is really not such a thing severe.

We have a Mirena and do bleed after sex often (in fact, sorry for TMI) today.

The Dr did state that the marena does not buy a bride online follow any guidelines and that can screw up durations. I actually do wonder in the event that amounts are reducing since it should have held it’s place in five years. I’d to ave the past one eliminated under sedation when I have always been all a bit lax down here . I do not desire this eliminated when I’m 47 and frightened of menopause. One reason why I experienced the coil fitted may be the dangerous psycho that put turns me personally into

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