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Brighton assistant head coach Billy Reid on his new feature film role


Brighton head trainer Graham Potter has got a reputation for doing things a little differently but it seems that’s nothing compared to his helper Billy Reid. The Scot has announced an acting role in a feature film about the life span of both Brighton-born Mercedes Gleitze, the first British woman to successfully swim the channel.
“I thought it had been a small wind up initially,” Reid informs Sky Sports. “I informed my wife and my 2 sons and they just laughed at me. ‘What is he getting into now?’ But it’s all great fun. Why don’t you give it a go? I am not clued up to the movie business but it’s an interesting project so let us see how it functions. It is an opportunity to put something back into the neighborhood, you understand.”
The chance came up when Elliott Hasler, a teenaged picture manager and Brighton season-ticket holder approached him. “I was intrigued by the letter I received and then we had a couple of chats on the phone,” explains Reid. “He’s certainly fully focused on what he would like to reach and if I can help him along the way then I wish to do that.”
Charlie’s Letters, hasler’s first film, has been showcased at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and he’s got high hopes for Vindication Swim. As the role of Reid, Hasler has cast him for. “He should have seen a few pictures,” laughs Reid. “I really do have a couple lines. It isn’t exactly a movie career but it’s only one more interesting thing for me to participate with.”
The affable Reid’s only stipulation was that the function shouldn’t influence on his job however which will not be an issue. Across the span of a couple of hours in the spring, he can film his scenes after a brief fitting. It is just the hottest left-field relocation by a coaching team who’ve made a habit out of taking themselves out of their comfort zone.
Potter recognized a’civilization academy’ in Sweden throughout his eight-year stint with Ostersunds, just a part of a remarkable trip in which he took the club from the grade all the way through to the knockout stages of European contest. Perhaps most famously, Potter and his group put on a performance of the ballet Swan Lake back.
Reid, who combined Potter after eight years in charge of Hamilton Academical in 2013, had a role in that creation and had his own rap routine in a series.
“My five decades that there were a real eye-opener in terms of team bonding and also the projects we did that there,” he states. “I became quite profoundly involved and it just seemed to grow legs with bigger and bigger crowds each year. They were excellent for doing things you had never done before, particularly at my age and discovering on your own.
“It was an intriguing thing. We’d do these workshops because, believe me, we were not all great at all these different things and sometimes it are the players visiting the coaching team from the comfort zone. Sometimes though it are the coaching team of the comfort zone. However, you would see them progress.
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“I always consider two particular lads we’d there known as Ronald Mukiibi and Gabriel Somi. Both of these lads would not step across the line to sing during the singing project. But the job went and as they began to get into it on they began to cross the line and by the close of the series , in my opinionthey were the two men in the series.
“I found that very interesting. They could never have attempted it and had never done it before. But they came from the comfort zone and became the stars of the show.”
Team bonding has been that the driving principle behind the projects but this was an instance of the messages which gamers could take out of it – try things and you may surprise yourself. Ostersunds certainly did that and, following an year at Potter Swansea and Reid want to accept that ethos to the Premier League.
Starting up with a 3-0 win against Watford, supporters were quick to embrace the new training team after a year that was challenging under Chris Hughton. “We are certainly trying to express ourselves onto the soccer field with all our type of play and the players have bought into it,” adds Reid. “We’re only excited about continued to develop the gamers.
“The infrastructure of the soccer club has ignored me in terms of the training centers, the stadium as well as the ambition of their chairman. I am just very pleased to be a part of the.”
Reid, of course, will have a part to play.

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