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Bulgaria coach Krasimir Balakov resigns following racism backlash


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Bulgaria coach Krasimir Balakov has resigned after racism overshadowed England’s Euro 2020 qualifying win from home fans.
Monday’s match in Sofia was discontinued twice because of abuse directed at England’s black players.
However, after the game Balakov, 53, said that he”didn’t hear anything”.
“I’m no longer national team coach,” Balakov told Bulgarian media following a meeting of the Bulgarian Football Union on Friday.
16 supposes have been identified by governments and made 12 arrests following the match.
Four fans received two-year bans and fines on Thursday, along with others.
“I wish success to the next coach, the situation isn’t rosy right now,” additional Balakov.
“I have never been a mentor in this kind of atmosphere.
“I attempted to pick the players up in the locker area. There was no rebellion.
“The players were mentally stressed by what was occurring on the pitch that they lacked the power .”
Balakov stated on Monday night:”I was concentrated on the match.
“I did not actually hear anything but I only talked to the British press downstairs and I informed them if this is shown to be true, we have to be embarrassed and we have to apologise for this.
“But, once again, first it needs to be proven to be true.”
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