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Hockey Rules

General Principles:

All bets are for law period and do not contain either overtime or penalty shootouts, unless otherwise mentioned.

Case in point: Metallurg Novokuznetsk and Dynamo Moscow are tied and move to overtime. Dynamo Moscow eventually triumph. The score for gambling purposes is Dynamo Moscow 2, Metallurg Novokuznetsk 2.

If a line comprises overtime, it written on the bet slip and is going to be clearly mentioned in the bet offer. Please assess your bet slip thoroughly.

Penalty Shootouts are explicitly considered a part of overtime. The winner will probably be credited with an excess goal if a Penalty Shootout is contested.

Example: Eisb??ren Berlin and Frankfurt Lions are tied 2-2 and proceed into a Shootout. Frankfurt Lions wins the Shootout. For our line matching”Frankfurt Lions such as OT” vs”Eisb??ren Berlin such as OT”, the final score for wagering purposes is Frankfurt Lions 3, Eisb??ren Berlin 2.

Minimum time for action:
Games must go at least 55 minutes for bets to stand. If a match is frozen before 55 complete minutes are played, all bets on the results of the game are voided.

Minimum time for activity on Periods:
The specific period must be performed to stand. Otherwise, all bets are voided.

Aims in the shootout or overtime don’t rely on bets on the period.

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