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How much money would I win on a 500 to 1 odds bet if I bet $100? – Quora


One ought to be aware there are NO circumstances.
Odds of 100 to 1 barely exists (such as a wager on a really quite slow race horse.
While 500–1 does not. Odds as large as 50–1 might be discovered in boxing.
There was a 45–1 payoff when Mike Tyson lost in Tokyo long ago and fought.
Consultants to casinos dislike the idea of a casino offering long odds on
anything but a slot machine jackpot. “Risk Managers” can handle the”actions”
Any time there’s a situation where a casino is currently offering very”long odds”
If I bet $100 how much money would I win a 500 to 1 odds wager? Is the submitted question. You are beyond help, Should you need a calculator to answer this question.
The biggest thing I could suggest is learning how to spot where you can find estimated value (EV) in the long term. The actual result should not issue as long as you are doing this. A poker pro does the same thing and it’s how bookies and casinos make their profit from punters. Bet Edge has a Great Deal of videos and training on strategies to perform this: Accepting Actual Value (None of The Tipster Shit) orHow I (Someone Who Placed a Bet Inside His Life) Make a Living’Betting’

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