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In prep for your 2019 soccer season, all 10 of all the retail sportsbooks of New Jersey and I visited to review what is in store for NJ college and pro football bettors.
In the Meadowlands near the New York boundary to Ocean Casino in the tip of the Atlantic City Boardwalk, I’ve seen them all. And as the amenities are consistent, every sportsbook does things only a tiny bit differently.
When it’s the food availability, the chairs, the size, the tellers, or even anything different, no one sportsbook is just like the other. Because who does not like assortment, that’s a good thing for New Jersey bettors. Nevertheless, it’s also a terrible thing because how can you determine where to see the game this weekend?
With the college football season??up and rolling and Week 3 of the NFL season kicking off on Thursday, here’s my recap of their greatest sportsbook conveniences (together using runners-up) to help direct you to where to spend your Saturdays and Sundays this fall.
Remember that the top sportsbooks in New Jersey depend on what factors matter to you .
Notice: You can read all 10 testimonials of the sportsbooks of New Jersey below:
Winner: The Book at Bally’s
Runner-up: William Hill Sportsbook at Ocean Casino
These two books show the Vegas-style sportsbook at Atlantic City. Nevertheless, in regards to the top of the best, the sportsbook of the brand-new Bally offers screens in a sportsbook setting that is lavish. It has the ability to change games to be shown by those displays and also an wow factor.
William Hill at the layout of Ocean offers nearly a whole 360-degree circular perspective of numerous screens. It is a plan B in case Bally’s is active.
Winner: The Novel at Harrah’s
Runners-up: William Hill in Ocean and The Book at Bally’s
You’d think the big boys in AC would be the winners here but no winners.
Harrah’s features relaxation with 50 leather chairs in its screening area. A quiet area with comfy leather chairs… what’s not to like?
But I must give mention to Ocean’s sportsbook, which comes with a mix of leather seats and sofas, and Bally’s, that really does just about everything.
Winner: FanDuel in the Meadowlands
Runners-up: William Hill at Tropicana in William Hill along with Ocean’s
There’s never a shortage of live tellers at FanDuel Sportsbook’s retail area near New York City with 20+ positions available. Being so close to the city, the double-digit amount of tellers is probably essential for those sport days.
Both William Hill locations in Atlantic City have teller positions with plenty of room to queue up while in line.
Winner: DraftKings in Resorts AC
Runner-up: FanDuel in the Meadowlands
This class is dominated by the upstart fantasy sports leaders that currently rule as sportsbook operators. DraftKings and FanDuel includes 18 terminals and 17 kiosks that are self-betting, respectively. Those numbers are still unmatched in New Jersey.
If self-betting is your thing, look betting market.
Winner: The Book at Bally’s
Runner-up: Book, Moneyline Bar & in Borgata
A menu that is seven-panel is featured by the Novel at Bally’s with copious food and beverage options. The Borgata sportsbook features an upscale restaurant because an integral portion of their sportsbook design.
This category might highlight the variety at New Jersey sportsbooks. You may book your chair and order. Or while sitting in a stylish restaurant, you could watch and bet on the game.
Winner: Moneyline in Borgata
Runner-up: William Hill in Ocean Casino
The pub at the Borgata is at the center of the action. That is why it’s the winner in this category. It is equally eye-catching and perfectly situated to be within reach when the game finishes on a high note on the bet (or your fellow lovers ).
The rectangular pub at William Hill at Ocean is adjoining to the principal sportsbook area and can be topped off with scrolling LED odds and information screens. Therefore it deserves a mention here.
Winner: The Book at Bally’s
Runner-up: William Hill in Ocean
Bally’s AC sportsbook features seating for 280 with loads of space for standing-room capacity, therefore was any doubt? It is also larger than all other Atlantic City sportsbooks with a mile.
Ocean has over 130 chairs with loads of places to move around the book to get into a different region of the casino, or to the tellers, the bar. Being in the middle of the casino floor helps, too.
I could have mentioned Fanduel at the Meadowlands, which can be big, however, FanDuel’s space is split into three segments. Ocean Casino sportsbooks and bally’s are one contiguous space.
Winner: Golden Nugget
Runner-up: Harrah’s
Both books do their very best to work with the distance. Golden Nugget sportsbook has shut quarters but has that”Mega Fan Cave” feel to it with wall-mounted TV displays on virtually every foot of the space.
Harrah’s has fewer TV screens out there in their viewing area, however the 50 armchairs make for a pleasing sportsbook experience.
Winner: The Book at Bally’s
The Book at Bally’s is that the only real winner in this category; there’s no runner-up.
From five personal fan cave sections (each holding to 16-24 people) to six VIP segments located toward the back of the open part of this book, there are plenty of options for you to lock their game-day encounter.
To top it off, everything is reservable online, for example the seating places. All it requires is a food/beverage minimal spend vs a room or seat leasing fee.
Winner: FanDuel in the Meadowlands and William Hill in Monmouth
Runner-up: Borgata Atlantic City
If you’re seeking to distribute your action or wish to fire $$ on each game and race that occurs, both the Meadowlands (FanDuel) and Monmouth Park (William Hill) offer live horse races, even simulcasts of out of country races, in addition to sports betting. It is a wonderful combo.
Borgata AC is currently the only location in Atlantic City and has a wonderful theatre in which you can bet the ponies. The Sports & Race Book is right next to the Moneyline sportsbook that is new.
Winner: Golden Nugget
Runner-up: Borgata
Golden Nugget is the only casino with a sportsbook which offers free self-parking. That is more money in your pocket for gambling, eating, and enjoying the game (or casino).
The Borgata does maintain their reasonable at just $5. Worth mentioning here, but that is not free, now could it be?
1 top idea would be to pick up a player’s card , since most hotel’s when you are a faithful member of the casino offer some kind of parking discounts.
Because there is something out there for everyone, there are various alternatives for New Jersey soccer bettors.
Obviously, you might take the hard-core approach of locating which books give pricing and the best odds but that’s a game-by-game strategy. Prices and the chances around the state will change on a daily, even hourly basis.
However, if your intention is to sit back, relax, place a bet, and enjoy the game, there are a number of amenities at NJ sportsbooks. And there is that added benefit of being able to bet on one of 17 NJ sports gambling apps as you are served a meal and your favourite beverage.
Here’s to a great NFL season, and also for the sake of Jersey, we can only hope to dream about a Eagles-Jets or Giants-Jets Super Bowl come.

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