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Italian GP: Ferrari eager to end Monza F1 victory drought


Sebastian Vettel admits Monza is your place Ferrari has to”overdeliver” because they bid to end their victory drought in their home grand prix.
When Fernando Alonso won, the Scuderia’s past GP victory in 2010, means they have gone eight races – .
But armed forces for the season’s fastest circuit, where automobiles average greater than 160mph with the quickest car in a straight line of F1 2019, Vettel is optimistic the week’s Belgian GP’s winners are well ready.
“We have been on the podium a few times, but not at the initial step,” explained Vettel, who has finished second once and third twice in Monza since joining Ferrari four decades back.
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“it is a huge thing. It is the largest race for us. It’s a huge weekend. We saw the fire [in an event in central Milan] that there is and I am sure that we will see during the weekend. I am sure it’ll give an increase to us.
“Here is the opportunity to overdeliver and it’s a huge weekend. Hopefully we can make it count this time. We’ve got a good chance, so we’ll notice. We are ready.”
But Vettel warned:”We aren’t the obvious favourites. Obviously there are indications we conscious of this place us in a place that is good, but I believe we must be sensible and carefully positive.
“One lap is 1 thing but there are a good deal of laps on Sunday. Additionally, the weather – plus, plus, plus…”
Despite Ferrari enjoying a sizable qualifying advantage Charles Leclerc still completed just one second before Lewis Hamilton in the race’s conclusion – while Vettel slipped into fourth behind the Silver Arrows.
“We’ve seen the tendency that at qualifying we seem to get a bit of an advantage on those kinds of monitors, whereas at the race everything goes really close together,” additional Vettel, who also said that Ferrari have”some details and a few replies” for his car’s problems at Spa.
“They [Mercedes] were really quick last weekend so I expect the main challenge to be looking after the tyres and locating the right set up and equilibrium in the vehicle to feel comfy to extract the max. I guess it’ll be very tight.”
Leclerc included:”Mercedes was really striking with their race speed.”
Leclerc’more confident’ after win
At the circuit Leclerc arrives as a Ferrari driver to the very first time by securing his maiden Grand Prix win fresh.
The 21-year-old, who had suffered several victory near-misses before Sunday this year, and told Sky Sports F1:”There’s a bit more confidence. You feel you can do it, which is great.
“The primary win always feels quite far away until you get it on course. Therefore it seems fantastic but on the other hand I need to stay calm and as focused as I was earlier since the season is not ending here and you will find many, many more races and we will need to perform very well for the remainder of the year.
“So I’m very focused here to Monza.”
Describing how it felt to become one of just two Ferrari drivers in Monza, Leclerc stated it”feels astounding” and it was already”beyond what I ever imagined could happen to me”.
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