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Mauricio Pochettino: Dinner invite means squad are behind me


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Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino is convinced since hes been invited into a group dinner by one of his players his team are still behind him.
The standing of pochettino is under scrutiny following a run of three wins from 11 games in all competitions so far this year.
The Argentine says his invitation to supper via text message demonstrates the team remain combined.
They are not going to say goodbye to me. To say goodbye, say goodbye here – not inviting me to supper, he said.
Speaking at a press conference prior to Saturdays Premier League match at home to Watford, Pochettino stated:When you are given a text from the participant inviting you along with the training team for a dinner only two things might occur.
[It is ] because they would like to say goodbye. Or since they feel that they love you and they want to show that they are with you. And I believe its the second
Spurs lost 3-0 at Brighton in their last Premier League match prior to the worldwide break, only four days after a 7-2 thrashing by Bayern Munich in the Champions League.
Earlier this month League Two Colchester from the Carabao Cup also beat on penalties the north London club.
That poor run of results resulted in speculation Pochettino could utilize the January transfer window to try and turn things round.
This proposal has been ignored by pochettino also states January would be too late to attempt instigate a shift in form.
I never was keen on January and I wont change today as it is a tough period or demanding few games, Im not likely to alter the way I think or find things, he added.
We arent going to force anything because we think the squad is an adequate squad. Now we need to be strong because were currently suffering a storm our decision was correct we cant now change fast.
Now it is the opportunity to become responsible. First the players, everybody and me.
My opinion, how I love to work, is that if you take decisions on the summertime and then you want to be responsible and you want to find the way to make that function.
Today isnt a point to speak around January, refreshing the team. Because we need to win now is all about trying to find solutions and we need to win later tomorrow.
We need solutions now. We cannot believe,OK, we forget and in January we will resolve the issue. It is not enjoy that.
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