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NHL Playoffs: Round 2 Player Props

Have you got a good feeling about a player heading into the second round of the NHL playoffs? You can profit on that instinct if you are prepared to bet a few dollars as a few books have chucked up some individual participant props.
I have picked through the whole lot and broken down my favorite OVER/UNDER player stage props from BetOnline:
Alex Ovechkin OVER/UNDER 5.5 PointsMost believe him to be the best finisher of his creation and for all the goals he has scored, Alex Ovechkin has never buried the one he’s been shooting for ever since he entered the NHL in 2005 and that is beating Sidney Crosby from the playoffs.
BetOnline has put Ovi’s O/U point total for the Caps’ series with the Penguins at 5.5 and I think the Great 8 eclipses this complete readily. The Russian sniper has never been more inspired to conquer his Canadian rival and with the clock ticking, his period to conquer Crosby and finally advance to the conference finals is running out.
No. 8 had just three points (all goals) in six games against the Leafs in Round 1 but he ran right into a hot goaltender in Freddy Andersen. Ovi scored on just 10.7 percent of his shots but I expect that number to go far off from Marc-Andre Fleury.
Ovi had five points in four games against the Pens from the regular year and also Fleury and Matt Murray both earning save percentages under .900 in those four games, Ovechkin could be served into an abysmal buffet within this best-of-seven. Leon Draisaitl OVER/UNDER 5.5 PointsLeon Draisaitl, the German wunderkind, is probably going to be the most crucial participant in the Oilers’ Round 2 matchup with the Ducks — win or lose. Draisaitl, such as Ovechkin, had just three points in the first round but it was only when he was paired up with Connor McDavid that his game-breaking ability shone through.
With McDavid probably restricted by a matchup with Ryan Kesler, Draisaitl ought to have a ton of open ice to utilize and I suspect that translates into a beer stein full of things — take the OVER.
Leon had six goals and eight points in only five matches against the Ducks in the regular year and he overcome Anaheim goaltending on 40 percent of his photos. It’s easy to overlook just how great this European sensation is if he’s living in the shadow of a superstar such as McDavid.

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