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Patrick Day: Boxer in hospital after Charles Conwell fight


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Patrick Day has been taken to hospital following his super welterweight defeat by Charles Conwell about the undercard of the Oleksandr Usyk-Chazz Witherspoon fight in Chicago, USA.
Day has been taken from the ring on a stretcher.
Fight broadcasters DAZN reported the American had been in intensive care and had endured aseizure after being pumped.
ESPN has noted that 27, Day, has had emergency brain operation.
British boxing promoter Eddie Hearn wrote on interpersonal websites:Deepest prayers with Patrick at this time.
His company, Matchroom Boxing, which organised the event, also submitted to say Daydbeen taken directly to hospital.
Speaking following the struggle, 21-year-old American Conwell informed IFL TV:I devote my blessings and concerns to him and his team. I hope hes OK. I understand he is an excellent person.
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