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Richard Riakporhe to battle Jack Massey for vacant British cruiserweight title


Richard Riakporhe has confirmed his British name battle against Jack Massey as he takes yet another step towards a national showdown with Lawrence Okolie.
The cruiserweight competition will target the title which was vacated by Okolie, using a date and venue to be announced with Massey for his battle.
Riakporhe would like to improve his standing as one of the fighters at a domestic division that was contested, also exhibited his grit from Chris Billam-Smith in July, claiming his win by split decision at The O2.
“I am so happy, this really can be like a fantasy come true,” Riakporhe told Sky Sports. “It is becoming surreal now. I believe I deserve it and I personally feel it is my moment, that the momentum is in my own corner, and I’m just ready to continue progressing, so I could advance through the world point and receive a domain.
“After I found out the boxing board had arranged the battle for the British title that I just broken into a dance straightaway. I was ecstatic, and now I’m just buzzing. I am all set to go in there and do exactly what I do.
“It would mean the world to me. You see that name, it’s such a name and I feel like a lot of folks do not honour this title enough, to be honest. I need to be you to reflect boxing using that name as a champion. I want my name to go down in history, together with each of the champions. That will be amazing.”
Massey, who is even yet to undergo a defeat that was expert, was denied a struggle with Okolie before this year through injury, but Riakporhe believes the fit-again 26-year-old will get firsthand experience of power and his strength.
“He’s a great competition,” said Riakporhe. “He also beat Chris Billam-Smith I heard in the amateurs. I believe that it was at the ABA finals, therefore pay attention, he is not a pushover. A good deal of folks have written off him but I guess he is certainly going to come to struggle. He has my respect.
“I feel like there is a good deal of things that I done wrong in my final fight that I’m going to rectify in this struggle and show folks that I’m potentially a power to be reckoned with, and it’s only a matter of time before I get to the top.
“I have not looked in Massey’s record yet, but there isn’t any fighter such as myself. That is one thing which a great deal of these fighters, they understand that if I put in the ring together. When we hit the ring and the bell goes, that is when he is going to understand why there is hype around Riakporhe.”
Okolie will require the following step-up in class when he challenges Yves Ngabu to the European title on a bumper bill at The O2 on October 26, live on Sky Sports Box Office, with Riakpohe trusting his rival emerges victorious to stay on track for an explosive future fight.
“Me, I’ll always think that I am the very best cruiserweight in this nation,” he explained. “I’ll actually put the money where my mouth is and then jump from the ring and then examine myself.
“That’s one thing about me, I don’t have no Olympic foundation, none of all of that glamorous things. I graduated and jumped in the ring and I’ve gone this way. If I needed these systems to develop my ability and things imagine. Okolie would not have gone than me .
“Props to him, he’s done a fantastic job and I’m on the road today. Until we meet, it’s only a matter of time. It may be next year, it could be crazy soon. Fantastic luck to him in his contest. I believe he will get the win, probably a late stoppage.”

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