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Simone Biles wins 16th World Gymnastics Championships title with all-around gold


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By David McDaid
BBC Sport at Stuttgart
Simone Biles expanded her listing of the all time World Gymnastics Championships titles with another gold that was convincing of women .
Even the 22 year-olds total rating of 58.999 gave her gold with a margin of 2.1 marks.
The success follows the group gold that USA girls won Tuesday and is the 16th world title of that the American.
The win has been Biles fifth round world name and she is now 1 medal of equalling the one time record of 23 world medals of Vitaly Scherbo short.
Together with four apparatus finals over the weekend she is predicted to overtake the Belarusian.
Biles started the all round closing on vault with a huge score of 15.233 and followed that up with large marks on uneven bars (14.733) and beam (14.633).
Moving into the last rotation on flooring Biles needed 12.3 to overtake Chinas Tang Xijing for gold.
And despite the two steps out of bounds, her pattern was worthy of 14.4 to seal her fifth world all-purpose title.
When she can claim her 23rd and world awards in the vault and bars apparatus finals biles contributes to competition on Saturday.
Should she do so shed turn into the gymnast at World Championships history.
While on vault she is again favourite to keep that name and qualified first, in seventh place she qualified on bars.
If the record does not be claimed by Biles Saturday she has two more opportunities on column and floor the day – in which shes qualified for every final.
Fantastic Britains sole representative at the all around final was Alice Kinsella.
The 18 year-old posted a total of 54.765 to change upon her qualifying operation to finish a creditable 12th.
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