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Sir Dave Brailsford reveals prostate cancer diagnosis before Tour de France


Sir Dave Brailsford, general manager of biking’s Team Ineos, has revealed he is recovering from prostate cancer.
This year, was diagnosed with the disease prior to the Tour de France in July.
The 55-year-old will detect the results of the operation on Saturday and underwent a surgery that was open in August.
Brailsford told The Times:”There is certain to be anxiety. It is the wonderful unknown. I think I am resilient, hard, I could put up having a great deal but in hospital I was overwhelmed, to tell the truth.”
Brailsford wasn’t there to watch his rider Egan Bernal victory but admits he is struggling with tiredness despite getting his identification a week until the beginning of the Tour de France.
“One day I woke up asleep in my desk, literally crashed out onto it,” he explained. “I am thinking’this is just a hassle. I’m too busy’. I have a doctor who set down his foot.
“My mindset had been ridiculous, actually, looking back. This was the very first time.
“I might easily have turned into a hole, gone into myself which is generally what I do. I put myself a game program. I speak about choosing your attitude, to athletes. It was up to me personally.
“It’s easy to think’why is it happening to me’ I’ve worked on my health so it is possible to get sour, angry, frustrated. I needed to learn how to take it. Speaking among the group about it was a help.
“Luckily four or five times in, someone sent me the ideal text:’This isn’t a test of personality or motivation or just how fast you can go. You have to fix. The one thing that can help that’s time’.”

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