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Snooker speeds up as fastest players revealed in crackdown on slow play


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By Frank Keogh
BBC Sport
More players are being watched by followers of a different game while slow drama is forcing golf fans to diversion.
Snooker is becoming faster after a crackdown on shot time, new studies have revealed.
The number of players on the sport’s international tour with an normal shot time of over 30 minutes has fallen from 12 to four within the last two seasons.
Lee Walker averages double his period, although thai potter Thepchaiya Un-Nooh is quickest at under 17 minutes a shot.
Information was made available on the live website throughout the 2017-18 year of snooker, showing the average shooter time of all 128 players around the World Snooker Tour.
The next season was improved their shot times by the 14 players.
As an instance, Joe O’Connor hastened from 33.23 seconds to 27.27 a shooter, while Mitchell Mann travelled from 31.38 to 25.66.
World Snooker chairman Barry Hearn stated:”Two years ago we chose to create this typical shot-time data publicly accessible, to be able to make this information clear for the players, fans and officials.
“It’s had the desired impact because players do not want to be close to the base of the record, and a number of them recognise that playing more fluently actually enhances their performance.”
Governing body, the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association, has published an updated version of their game’s regulations, which contains a separate rule.
“This makes it obvious to gamers who taking an abnormal amount of time over a shot can direct firstly to a warning and to reduction of the framework,” said Hearn.
“These steps are helping to remove slow play from our sport. The vast majority of players prefer to keep the game going, as we are in the entertainment business.
“We’re pleased to see the very clear message getting through to the tiny minority that want reminding of these fundamentals.”
Hearn said moderate shot occasions would continue to be reviewed, along with the amount of occasions that gamers leave the arena in between frames.
“Of coursewe recognise that bathroom breaks are essential, again players should appreciate the importance of maintaining matches moving, particularly live televised games,” additional Hearn.
“The frequency of these interludes have to be kept to a minimal and we are going to be tracking this closely in the current season.”
Even though Un-Nooh is king of the players so far this season, he has some thing to do to match the rate that is mesmerising of’Rocket’ Ronnie O’Sullivan.
O’Sullivan. Who is yet to play the tour this year, took just five minutes and 20 minutes to get a lightning maximum 147 break in 1997- an average of 8.65 seconds a shooter.
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