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Solheim Cup: USA captain Juli Inkster admits slow-play concerns


Team USA captain Juli Inkster confessed the pace of play was an issue on the day of the Solheim Cup.
Inkster’s side path Europe 4.5-3.5 after a very long day in Gleneagles, together with three of those day fourballs carrying good over five hours to be completed.
“Yes [it was an issue], it is painfully slow on the market,” said Inkster. “I know we had maybe a few on the side that are perhaps a bit slower, but they also have some on their own side, also, which are somewhat slow. So I don’t know, I don’t understand exactly what to do.
“You look at this golf course, it’s tough. The wind’s blowing. The greens are firm. The ball’s not going anywhere. It’s cold. I mean, it’s not like it is a pitch and putt. It is a difficult golf course and out here every shot counts. Every putt counts.
“So it’s likely to take more. That is just the way it is. I thought the way the golf was played now was phenomenal for the conditions. It’s hard. It is tough golf.”
American Lizette Salas was given a warning and put on the clock in the opening fourball of the day, however Inkster defended her player, who lost 2 & 4 alongside Danielle Kang.
“I believe Lizette had a bad time,” she explained. “But that was the only player that had a bad time out there. She understands she has to speed this up a bit. But I’m not going to say anything”
The USA stared at a enormous overnight shortage at one stage but Nelly Korda and Lexi Thompson along with Jessica Korda along with Brittany Altomare snatched pliers with essential birdies in the 18th.
“No one really ever talks about the half point. And I need to mention those two half points in the end were enormous,” she said.
“We start off hot and we all got a tiny lukewarm in that center, but we finished hot. So I am quite delighted with the way because everyone played the day went. And then we had some decent games.
“We simply gotta keep the Euros within our rear-view mirrorour front mirror, therefore we are able to see them. You do not need to get down. It was looking like we can be two-and-a-half down points.
“It’s not insurmountable, but you maintain gnawing a half a point and point there and it adds up. To be a stage down. You look at of the golf and we’re just a stage down. So I am quite happy with where we’re at today.”
Team Europe captain Catriona Matthew wasn’t too worried about the pace of play and could make it to the officials to figure out.
“Of course that nine this day did get fairly dumb,” she explained. “I don’t really know what triggered it. It’s tough to tell when you are leaping around not following only one game.
“But some of the players on both sides do take quite some time to reach a shot. But it’s the officers actually. They are the individuals who police the pace of play, so it is really up to them, I presume.
“The players have been conscious of the pace of play coverages. I mean, nobody wishes to see play that is . Obviously with all the larger crowds it is harder from time to time, but ideally it would be great to be faster tomorrow”
Matthew was somewhat disappointed, however, that her side’s lead was not larger after Azahara Munoz and Bronte Law and Charley Hull and Carlota Ciganda both had to settle for halves as it finished.
“Our goal is to attempt to win every session,” she said. “However, I think you must take the positives and we are leading. We are a stage up. If we’re contributing at every day’s conclusion, that will be great.
“So I believe obviously everybody’s somewhat disappointed with that, but Charley had a excellent putt in the past, only a little firm.
“Brittany holed up and left a great birdie. It is not as if it was dropped by them with drama that is lousy; it was birdied by others. We’re happy with moving in with a one-point lead”

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