-: Nov 20, 2019 / Ustshahli Ustshahli

Sports Betting In Europe – Best European Betting Sites

He sports gambling scenes from the Old and New worlds (Europe vs. North America, Asia and nowadays Africa) are vastly different, in just about all aspects.

The one place they do look the same is size and growth. Both in the united states and in Europe, the entire sports betting industry has grown because of the variables we have mentioned time and time again — technological advances, globalization, and ease of accessibility.
Asian markets were quick to follow this tendency, and today, the largest difference between gambling sites is the importance they give certain sports over others. Americans, of course, prefer baseball and American football, while Asians love cricket and horse racing — and, of course, everyone loves football. What do betting enthusiasts love?

The range of individuals who bet on sports online in the EU is almost impossible to measure, but we are definitely speaking about a good few thousands. These customers are constantly looking for the best sportsbook to associate with, but with so many choices lying about, can we actually and definitely name a bookmaker as the best in Europe?

That is surely a tricky undertaking, particularly since most online bookmakers have transferred to tax havens such as Gibraltar, to give their customers better odds, fewer taxes, and much more freedom. Although picking a winner is hopeless, here are a couple bookmakers you can’t go wrong with.

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