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Storytime With Harry – The London Experience


I had a wonderful time at London working with some terrific guys while providing some material and being a representative for Odds Shark. On Thursday night, I met Joe Osborne, Andrew Avery, known asNinja, Craig along with Alec at the resort and inside an hour or two we were off into the Standard Liege/Arsenal football match.
It was simple to get into a pub nearby Arsenals stadium, although we were trying to grab a drink in a bar nearby. We discovered that the bouncers had to ensure you had a ticket to the match and you were not allowed in the pub, if your seats had been in the visiting area. WOW!! ?? Even though we competent to enter, as stated by the Arsenal bouncers, we decided to get into the stadium and have a drink there.
The arena was amazing, and we all had a drink but then when the match started, we understood that the English do matters that alittle different than in the United States and Canada. Alcohol wasnt permitted to be consumed during the game, but in halftime in the lounges around the arena were giving away free beer. Yes, you heard me they gave free tap beer which we took advantage of !?? But once the second half started beer was not allowed to become drunk inside sales and the scene . Arsenal 4-0 won the game and they also scored three. That was although we had a enjoyable time.
The following day we did a Friday Football variant of Guys&acquaintances in which Joe and myself gave our locks out that only happened to win (always a fantastic thing) while I was dunked in 48-degree temperatures just cause I felt like that.
Later that day we took the subway to Oxford Circus thats a beautiful area of London where Big Ben and the jumbo Ferris wheel is, and a kids carousel in which Joe and I chose to be kids at heart and snapped it just for the hell of it. We got back to the hotel where I think we illegally streamed the major league baseball playoffs so we could observe the playoffs because it wasnt on at any pub, nor was pro or college football — just to allow you to know.
On Saturdaywe ventured into a betting parlor where you could wager soccer, horses, the lotto and also the NFL. I attempted to bet a parlay but apparently the ticket authors hadnt heard this phrase before and called it an accumulator. But they couldnt get it right so for the entire trip I moved wagerless (what were the odds on that).
Craig was on fire with his football plays although poor Ninja couldnt get blessed with his football plays. Following that, as West Ham and Crystal Palace were enjoying later in the 25, we moved to meeting West Ham United fans. We met with some characters who were nice folks and diehard fans.
To begin with , we came with a superfan named. There were a couple more fans we chatted and drank with, but a candy woman who was also a superfan made the guys day and mine together with her spectacular stories.
This womans name is Ruth and she had been a riot, to say the very least. She had been traveled 6 hours and a season ticket holder for West Ham roundtrip. She then went on to inform me she likes to wager on the ponies, blackjack, blackjack, along with her dream football and soccer leagues. I asked her when shed had a bookie and she made a face at me like I asked her dumbest question ever.
Her reply wasnaturally I do and my nickname for him isTwat??and his / her isTinkerbell because all of us know bookies dont go by their given names, that is gambling 101. Yesand also to emphasise her nickname was reallyTwat. I had a couple of pints and a slew of laughs — if you happen to read thisTinkerbell that I just wish to say thanks for a wonderful afternoon.
We went into the scene where we did a different show 3-1 underdog Crystal Palace upset West Ham and where Joe and I chose to give out winners. Following the game, we had to stop at the mythical West Ham bar, Carpenters Arms for another pint and hang on with all the Hammer fans that are diehard. We were hungry at this point and no place has been available so believe it or even for Dominos pizza we settled in London on a Saturday night at midnight. That is sort of sad, however, it had been our choice and it hit on the place.
Then the culmination of our trip occurred as if we moved into Tottenham Stadium to perform another Guys&Bets series just before watching the Chicago Bears (Monsters of the Midway)??take on the (Silver and Black)??Oakland Raiders.
Joe and I gave the below in the game that we thought we had until the Bears gave up a game-winning push, however we had a burst and still ended up going a combined ATS for the entire trip.
As there were jerseys and different outfits galore the fans in the match were in service of their preferred teams. I also wish to give a shoutout to a lover of my Against All Colors podcast, a man by the name of Jazz who recognized me (somehow??) , called out my name and asked to get a picture which was very cool. Jazz gave us a meeting where he gamble with his center (as many Bears fans do) rather than his head and lost money in an adjusted -9.5 line on Chicago.
We were fortunate to visit a few of the games of the day in an electric setting and it was a complete joy to share that experience.
OddsShark and thanks again guys for this opportunity, wheres the excursion men?

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