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Usyk vs Witherspoon: Tony Bellew explains how Oleksandr Usyk can dominate… and how he may fall short


Tony Bellew considers his former opponent by hard Deontay Wilder Oleksandr Usyk is world heavyweight champion – however cautions he will not beat everyone .
Usyk knocked out Bellew last year to protect his undisputed cruiserweight title as well as as a biography contrary to Chazz Witherspoon live on Saturday night at 2am.
Bellew considers Usyk can achieve his objective of becoming world heavyweight champion if he targets WBC holder Deontay Wilder.
What are Usyks strengths and flaws?
Tony Bellew stated:Being in there with him you see right away that he is always doing something and allow you to think every step of the way. His footwork is incredible for such a man, and its his feet that get him into position for attacks.
Due to his flaws, I still think hes a tiny bit open and can be captured. If he got caught clean, Seeing his amateur struggles, there was a reaction from him, but no one has exploited that far in the professionals. His chin is up in the atmosphere occasionally and if this continues then it might get captured one time
What did you fight with when you fought ?
Tony Bellew said:Pinning down him was hard because, as Ive said, his footwork is right on a different level. Anytime that I tried to make a fight out of this, he had been too evasive, although Id intended to have close and work over him. His toes will get him very far in this sport, and also how he feints and sets up attacks is also striking.
How can Usyk be hurt?
Tony Bellew stated:The response to this is simple, but executing it is another issue. You have got to hit him wash.
There are a few events from the amateurs where he is caught flush and that he doesnt enjoy it. Because hes such a defensive fighter Mentioning that shot is going to be challenging, however I think if you can locate the goal then theres a possibility he can go. Doing that is a tricky task
When moving to heavyweight how is planning distinct?
Tony Bellew said:It is much easier and I believe Usyk will adore every minute of it. Ive fought 175lbs and cruiserweight for the bulk of my career so earning weight and dieting was always. Heavyweight eliminates that problem.
Do not get me wrong, you cant just stuff your head, but eating the correct foods as far as youd like is nice and it eliminates the pressure of having to make weight. This has been the difference for me personally. The sparring becomes distinct as youre dealing with bigger guys, but it is a requirement if you would like to have in there and do it real.
From Tyson Fury, Anthony Joshua, as well as Deontay Wilder, who is Usyk likely to beat?
Tony Bellew stated:Wilder, and that is an easy answer. Do not get me wrong, though Wilder lands on him then its not likely to finish well for Usyk, however, it is possible to say that about any heavyweight who Wilder lands on.
I just believe [Joshua and Fury] are too large for him. Hes a much better fighter than most of them, and I comprise Fury in that, but he is just too small to compete for 12 rounds with them. I think that the dimensions of Fury and Joshua would be a large advantage and I do not think Usyk could conquer it.
Will Usyk win a world heavyweight title?
Tony Bellew explained:Yes. If tomorrow he had been to combat with Andy Ruiz I think he would win that fight by simply being himself and doing what he does best. Hes undoubtedly the most skilled fighter in the division and that will always give him a opportunity against, although there are. Watching his moves therell be intriguing and I want him the best. Hes a superb fighter and Im certain he will do well.

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